My War Room


Months ago I looked around my tiny, people filled home and realized I didn’t even have a corner, let alone an entire room to go into and pray.  I pulled out my Bible and my little prayer journal and decided my first prayer request would be to have a home BIG enough for a war room… my mind began to wander and I’d have a craft room and a game room and a mud room right off the kitchen…

But I only wrote down “War Room” because it seemed selfish to pray for a mud room that I don’t even need but God knows, every Christian woman needs a war room.

I finished my daily devotional, praying for my husband, my children, any concerns or prayer requests from friends and loved ones or big issues in the world that weighed on my heart.  I went about my busy day and laid down beside my already sleeping husband that night.  My thoughts were still on my first conversation with God that morning and the home He knows I need to hold MY war room… and then it dawned on me.  I have a stack of office stuff shoved somewhere in this tiny place just filled with everything I’d need to get my War Room started.  I leaped out of bed, dug through what I had, amazingly not waking everybody up and with in no time, I had a decorated binder filled with all the War Room stuff I’d pinned on my Pinterest board.  Scripture, pictures, notes, prayers, little quotes and sayings, reminders, lesson ideas, sections for devotionals, notecards, sticky notes, a pocket for answered prayers.  I started to cry.  In the morning I’d asked God for a big house so I could get started on His battle in a War Room.  Before the day was out, He showed me that all I really needed was an answered prayer and I’ve been filling that pocket ever since.

A war room would be awesome but who’s kidding, that’d be just another cluttered place I’d have to keep clean and dig through when I really need something.  Having a war binder has changed the way I see God working in my life everyday. I’ve even made some for other people.  Here are some things I included in them that might make your time with God feel as vital and productive as mine feels.

You can download them right here to add to your own daily walk with God.

your-battle-plan Is an Outline with notes and scriptures and a little guide on how to begin your day with the Lord.

a-guide-to-your-bible Is great for anyone wanting to delve into God’s Word and might be intimidated or overwhelmed by all the little things that make us want to give up.

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