31 Thursdays!

Proverbs 31

Far Above Rubies

There are few women who understand their own worth but God knows. A woman worth more than rubies is not just rare because there are so few of them, she is rare because she is like a buried treasure, hidden and unknown.

If every woman knew her true value, what a beautiful thing that would be! Maybe even a little frightening too!

Designed to be of greater value than the rarest of gems, what a tragic sadness that so many of us see ourselves as simple as sand and look for our worth in other ways. Our looks, our words, our actions, our possessions, the people we spend our time with, the things we spend our time doing, things we think add value but add camouflage instead.

God sees our true value no matter how many things we bury it under and we need to trust in Him to show us how we can see it too. Let Him be our map and compass to find our very own buried treasure in ourselves!


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