What Christians are Really Hiding

Conservatives Christians are Hiding The Real Truth in America

This election may have brought out the ugly in all of us but it also brought a lot of Christians to the polls. Issues like the Supreme Court nominees and the military let a lot of Christians have something PC to stand on, the same Christians who’ve enjoyed a safe, comfortable, peaceful life since the birth of this nation.

The progressive left has painted Christians into a defensive corner where many have succumb to the pressures of society to keep God in a little box at home where they are “free” to open it up in private, where no one else might be offended, where they won’t be called a radical, a racist, a bigot, with a slew of “isms” attached to their name. Sorry to break it to you but you’re hiding from nothing and failing your God anyway.

Christian Americans, have grown lazy and complacent in their God-given mission to spread the Good News and have accepted and participated in hiding the biggest truth in the History of America in the name of tolerance and American Liberty. Jesus.  They have grown quiet. They have stopped fighting and we are losing the fundamental protections God set in place when this country became One Nation Under God so that we could freely and proudly bring glory to His name and His light unto this world… and WE ARE FAILING OUR GOD!

We have accepted the lies that, because we are all free to choose how we believe in America, that our God doesn’t need to be exalted above all others beyond the boundaries of our own homes and church.  Since not everyone believes in Him, we simply accept they have differing views and leave them be… because this is America and we are Americans first, Christians second.  THIS IS A LIE and God’s Word is very specific about worshiping other gods and what we are called to do for people who do not believe in Him. If we refuse to share Jesus with others, what use does God have for us here? If we keep hiding His Light under a bushel, why would God need to continue protecting our right to share it at all? NONE, so WAKE UP Americans! You are being used against your God. You are blaming people who do not believe in God for taking away your right to do so when YOU ARE HIDING IT ANYWAY!  You are fighting against people God wants you to bring to Him and using His Name to justify it.  You are being manipulated into believing that it’s the flag rather than the cross that represents our freedoms, that the blood shed on battlefields is worth more than the blood of Jesus, that the truth about Hillary, our government, from Wikileaks or on Weiner’s laptop are more important than what’s hiding in your little box at home with your Bible.

We have been sitting back, shaking our heads about the state of this country and arguing about our fight for guns, for jobs, for healthcare, for babies. We USE God as our reason to fight for them and wonder why He hasn’t stopped it and yet we refuse to let Him use us in the way that He has asked us because this is America and everyone is free to do what they believe is right… unless they are spreading the Word of God among people who do not know Him… which is the ONLY fight where we are needed.  God does not care about our guns, they don’t work against His enemies. He does not care about our jobs, He provides us with what He knows we need. He cares more about each and every person who chooses abortion more than he does about your indignation at having to pay for it.

In a world of darkness, the Light you accepted when you accepted Jesus Christ can be seen from far and wide and your God, with His light in your hands is being judged by your words, your actions and your convictions so it is more important than ever, that YOUR convictions align with God’s Word and His purpose for your life.

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Pray with out ceasing. Seek God and be strengthened. Put on your Armor and carry your Sword with you, everywhere you go. “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light upon my path” and it is your only weapon against all the powers of darkness. Your faith will shield you from the many lies and manipulations meant to distract you and alter the course God has laid out for you. Live righteously, not piously and give the devil less ammunition to use against you. You are not fighting against liberals, ISIS or corrupt government politicians. They are merely being used against God and you are going the wrong way!

The battle is already upon you, every day, every where, every conversation, every reaction you have. Every person you meet should hear the Word of God before the time comes that even America cannot protect Christians anymore. If we do not use the blessing of a free nation to further the Light of God, we will not have that blessing much longer. They only go hand in hand for as long as the good Lord allows it and no more so Suit Up Americans. Arm yourself with the Word of God and fight the true enemy to spread the Truth about Jesus instead of hiding it.


Come out of your safe spaces that allow you to worship with out condemnation and with God beside you, face a world that needs Him and does not know it.

Trump is not Jesus, he’s merely a weapon in God’s Army, as are we all so take your place, not to Washington or to the Whitehouse but in everything you do, let it be in His name to bring glory and honor, not to America but to Christ because without Him, the America that was founded on the Rock of Salvation will perish along with all the souls we let slip away with it.

Christmas in December



A little colder,warm-christmas-decor-red-decorative-balls_1920x1440.jpg a little darker, a little scary to realize another year has already passed.  It’s no wonder Christmas is celebrated in December!  What better way to alleviate that cold, lonely fear than with bright colors, jingling bells, catchy songs sung by children, random acts of kindness by friends and strangers alike, scents that melt ice and warm your toes, dreams of past memories, hopes for future ones, savoring the moments that will bring joy in the years to come.  Christmas would not be as appreciated, as important, as impactful if it were any other month or time of year… and God’s hands in such a thing cannot be discredited.

Taking Christ out of Christmas won’t change any of the reasons we feel a little warmer this time of year and God knew that above all things, He and all things in His name would be attacked, especially Christ on Christmas. Do you think it’s coincidence that a Holiday we mark as the birth of our Savior has been celebrated in mass by nonbelievers around the world every year?  Of course not because even if they take Christ out of Christmas, they can’t take away the season God designed just for us to feel better, happier, warmer, more loving, more giving, more appreciative when it’s most needed to help us carry on through the cold, dark winter.

God designed Christmas, right down to the icicles and bitter cold that with the right lights and warmth would become beautiful and full of hope instead of frightening and full of despair and He did this for ALL of us, not just those who believe in Him.  Jesus was not sent here to heal the healthy.  He did not spend His days on earth ‘preaching to the choir’ so to speak.  Christmas, even if they remove His name, was designed to bring believers and nonbelievers together, surrounded by peace and hope, a time to love and be kind, thoughtful and giving.  Why do you think so many want Christ taken out of the name completely?  Because every person, believer or non gives glory to His name each time they say Merry Christmas.

Do not believe for one second that our omnipotent Father did not foresee the way the world would view Christmas, merry-christmas-nativity-dxkfghfse
how they would push against giving any glory to Him, how they would pervert it with greed and selfishness, how they would manipulate it to fit their own will and needs. I believe, with all my heart that He was counting on it… for with out all the worldy influences it wouldn’t be a holiday season, celebrated by all of God’s children, together, in His name.

Happy New Year

A Pure Heart

 Pure Heart

Create in me a pure heart ,O God,

and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10

It’s the start of a new year, a time to take a deep breath and start fresh. We make lists, we make plans, we declare our resolutions but the simple part of all these ends there. Next it’s up to us to be disciplined, motivated and honorable in order to uphold our end of the “bargain.”

In Psalm 51, David is asking for forgiveness, acknowledging God’s loving kindness and tender mercies. He admits his transgressions and sins and asks God to wash him and make him clean.

We may not be looking at the past year and all our mistakes, but the sentiment can feel the same when we have a moment to think about the coming future.

This passage may have been about David’s transgressions and God’s forgiveness, but it is also about the faith and certainty we have, asking our Lord to wipe away all the days past and give us the unwavering discipline we need to hold steady, one day at a time.

  • stead·fast, stedˌfast – adjective
  • resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering.
  • “steadfast loyalty”
  • synonyms: loyal, faithfulcommitteddevoteddedicateddependablereliable,steadytrueconstantstaunchsolidtrusty

Happy New Year

Bloom Where you Are Planted


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and future.”

  Jeremiah 29:11

This is a message of hope, to keep faith, a reminder that God has a plan no matter how far away we feel, how lost, alone or out of sorts.

In context, this was a small passage from a letter that Jeremiah sent to the people of Jerusalem who were taken captive into Babylon.  To these prisoners taken far from their home, God’s message was clear.  I HAVE A PLAN, DO NOT LOSE HOPE.

He also said for them to build houses, plant gardens, get married and have children, help them gow and marry and have children, to seek peace where he says, “…I have caused you to be carried away captive.”  In other words, Bloom Where You are Planted, because God Planted You There.

So many times throughout the Bible we read about faith and trust, God’s plan, God’s will.  When things feel difficult, overwhelming or just completely out of our understanding it’s easy to question and wonder is this God’s will? Is it in His plan

In that same letter, God says, “Call upon Me, pray to Me and I will listen… seek Me and you will find Me when you search wih all your heart and I will bing you back.  I will bring you home.”

This is more than just a message of comfort or an encouragement to be steadfast and have hope.  It is a promise.  He knows our circumstances, no matter how difficult they are.   He is not asking but telling us to settle where He has put us and wait for His time.  He does not ask but tells us to go to Him in prayer, seek him in our Bibles, carry Him in our conversations and there we will find Him and when His timing is right, He promises to bring us home, no matter how far away we might be, how lost or lonely or how difficult the journey.  Until then, we grow and bloom for Him.

LAST NOTE:  Wherever you are, whatever you are going through, seek the Lord with all your heart, in prayer, in your Bible, in your fellowship with friends and family.  If you are where God needs you, you will find the way to grow there and not diminish in Him.  If this is not the place God has planned for you, He will take you away and put you where you are needed.

Grandma’s Quilt

Grandma’s Quilt

gma quilt

My Great Grandmother was a simple woman. She loved God before all else and it was evident in every part of her life. She was strong and gentle, firm and compassionate, beautiful and modest, wise and humble. She was a wife, a mother, a grandmother, great grandmother and great-great grandmother before she passed away. There were so many things learned from her by the women in my family. If there was a woman of this century who fit the Bible’s example of a “virtuous woman” it was she.  

When she passed away, she didn’t look around at the vast amounts of riches or glory she’d gained, there was no thriving empire to look out over and see what great things she’d built in her long life. Instead, she laid peaceful in a bed, surrounded by all her children, all her grandchildren, most of her great grandchildren and even some of her great-great grandchildren. She listened to their voices, singing songs that she’d taught them, stories that she’d told them or been a part of.  Some had her hair, some her eyes, some her strong chin, her soft complexion. She was able to look around her before she took her last breaths, see the faces, hear the voices, the love, the laughter, the sorrow and understanding and know that this was what she built, what she gave, the empire she left to last lifetimes survived her in the generations that sat around her and would continue to carry on with out her.

 She didn’t just pass down knowledge of recipes, sewing, gardening, mothering and keeping house, the way she lived her life, loved her family and loved the Lord were the greatest treasures she passed down.

 She made a quilt for every baby born in our family and I imagine, babies born in other families too. One memory that stands out when I couldn’t have been older than four. She sat with a pile of material beside her, old dresses, aprons, table cloths and scraps. Humming a sweet hymn, she took out a piece at a time, cutting away the threads that held together whatever pattern it was before. An apron, faded and worn out quickly turned into a pile of rags, frayed along the edges, no longer held together by string. I glanced up when she came to a dress I recognized, a dress I’d worn more times than it could handle. Too small, too worn, it was no use to give or sell, she quickly set to undoing the stitches, cutting away at the pattern that made it mine. “Grandma!” I must have shouted, girl’s tears easily filled my eyes. I can’t remember my words, but the intent could never be forgotten. How could you ruin my dress? She was so calm, so gentle, so easy with words. She paused only for a moment to smile at me and smooth away invisible wrinkles in the dress.

This dress is too small and is worn in places that can’t be patched or fixed. It’s useless anymore as a dress, but watch and see.” She shook it out and went back to cutting, her nimble hands working quickly as she continued. “It’s exactly the color and pattern I need to make something new.”

I don’t remember if I accepted what she said or simply understood that I couldn’t wear it anymore but she continued cutting away, stripping away the shape and fittings in one pile, leaving a heap of what I saw as ruined dresses, aprons and clothing in another. Eventually she cut them all into squares, strips and shapes though I’m sure I didn’t sit there long enough to see it. One day she’d finished, holding up a beautiful quilt and I could see my favorite dress, the pretty color and pattern in fitted shapes with an apron, a tablecloth, an old shirt. These were things we’d worn out, used up, couldn’t give away or sell. Rather than throwing them away, she turned them into something beautiful, useful, something that would last longer than a size 3 dress or a button up shirt with holes.

Sometimes I sit, one of my grandma’s quilts wrapped around my legs and remember that day. I knew I couldn’t wear that dress anymore, I knew it was ruined and no longer useful and fought with her when she shredded it but she knew that she could tear away all the bad and make it into something better. As I smooth away the wrinkles, I see an old apron or tablecloth, a dress she often wore and remember her nimble hands, working magic over something “throw-away,” turning it into something treasured.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,

to them who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

God works that same “magic” in our lives if we trust Him to do so. It might feel sometimes like our lives are being ripped and torn, shredded into pieces and we can’t see passed what it used to be, what we wanted it to be to see what it is, something ruined, no longer useful, not pleasing or serving to the Lord. If we give it up to Him, let him use His nimble hands, He will turn it into something new, something beautiful, something better and long lasting. Like the quilt that covers my lap, whatever He makes will be cherished and we’ll see Him turn the fabric of our past into something unimaginable, something so much better, something according to His purpose.


Knowing God’s Word

Knowing God’s Word

Holy Bible

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17

The Bible is inspired by God to teach us and correct us about righteousness so the we can live the life God has planned for us. If we aren’t familiar with the teachings of God’s word, how can we be sure that we are following them? And more importantly, how can we teach them to our children?


If you’re new to the knowledge of God and His word, the bible is a great resource for questions and excitement you might have about your purpose. It’s full of fascinating stories and laws specifically laid out for us to live by. God tells us many times throughout the bible how important it is to KNOW His words, to know the laws He’s laid down so that we may live our lives according to His will.

 Be inspired by God! Learn, teach and fall in love with the stories in the letters that He’s left for us. Find yourself imagining what your life would be like in another time or place; find yourself relating to situations that were written for you to learn from and live by. Be reminded of the love and faith throughout the Word and renewed in the Spirit that dwells within it’s pages.

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4

Hungry for God

Where Two or Three are Gathered

Where two or three are Gathered


For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

Whether you’re facing hardships, good fortune or it’s just like any other day, there’s no better time to get together with friends. In the hustle and bustle of our lives, we get stuck in routines and forget to find time for our social life. Get together with the girls for lunch or an evening over dinner and desert, even if you have to cart all the kids, taking turns to keep them all in line.

guard your tongue

Of course, there’s always the chance that a night with the girls will bring out all the latest gossip and complaints, but attempt to keep your thoughts and words in a God honoring way and you’ll renew your strength and peace for the coming week, wondering why you hadn’t done it sooner and more often.

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths,but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” Ephesians 4:29

holding hands

Talk, comfort and strengthen each other. If for no other reason, remember that your friends may need you more than you admit that you need them. Romans 12:15 says, “Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.” What better way to do that than to fellowship regularly with other women and mothers who understand you in a way only a friend can?